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"I am extremely pleased with the level of service I have received from Pro e chat. We will continue to use their services. I highly recommend!"

"Susan (and the others too...) have been doing a wonderful job in our company. We sold 2 licenses of a higher-end product where the customer would have ordinarily bought just one license and of a lower-end product."

"From what I can see, you're proving to be a valuable asset. I would be more than happy to convert this free trial into a paid service, please let me know where to sign up. Most of the chats you have handled so far have been handled in the way I'd like them to be handled."

"They are the best. They come through without any hassle or fuss. I wish my credit bank employed them."

"My operators Diane and Jane were very helpful. Jane was in the most contact with me and she was very helpful and nice. I felt very comfortable chatting with her and was impressed with the quality of her customer service. Thank you very much! "

"Thanks for your support. I order now."

"I really like all the operators of this hosting...they help in really awesome way. First time I m totally satisfied by an operator of hosting company. Good going n thanks for help katie."

"Excellent. We were provided with a great service. All doubts were cleared. Great job keep it up Good Luck!"

"Great and Fast support. Solved my problem in no time."

"Susan provided excellent support, if only all software companies did the same!"

"Outstanding support: timely, professional, courteous, and with decent English (typing, grammar, spelling, etc.). Most pleased."

"Awesome customer service! You rock!"

"Perfect. Great customer service. Thanks Susan!"

"Fast and helpful. Thank you."

"Susan is great! Very patient."