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24/7 Live chat Support

All live chat packages come complete with live chat software. This means that you do not have to incur additional cost to purchase or lease any live chat software.

With our 24/7 live chat package, not only do you get real people working on your site, included in the package; it also comes with live chat software too.

Our live chat software comes with a host of features and benefits.

Our Chatdesk

About Image In our office, our staff uses a central chat desk. It is the control center for all our agents. This means that you can have as many as 100 agents working on your site alone. Technologically advanced, our chatdesk transmits chat data in real-time and contains a lot of tools to make real-time chatting and real-monitoring.

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Real Time Monitoring

About Image Through our chat desk, we are able to do real time monitoring of your website. When a new visitor "hits" your website, we are instantly notified of the new visitor. Our monitoring shows complete information about the visitor, who they are, where they're from, what pages they have viewed, browser type, screen resolution... everything! With this information, we are able to provide customized and right on target customer support.

Visitor Chat Window Customization

About Image We can completely alter the look and feel of the visitor chat window, so it looks like your own website and brand. You can change the colors and fonts. You can also change the background images to show a promotion or your product’s image.

Geo-Location Tracking, Visitor Information

About Image Our chatdesk is able to show us your visitor’s City, State, Code, as well as Organization information. We are also able to see how and where the visitor comes from, whether they clicked on your keytword or your paid ad at GOOGLE, yahoo or MSN. With these valuable information, we are able to provide not only targetted customer support but also boost your company sales.

Transfer, Join & Coach Chats

About Image Operators can quickly and easily transfer chats to other operators, cross queue AND cross-site. Supervisors and other Operators (with the same permissions) can join other chats. Our chatdesk allows multiple operators to chat with a single visitor. If a supervisor sees that another operator or visitor is having difficulty or needing management assistance, they are a "right click" away. Additionally, trainees can be monitored and coached through chats by experienced operators via the "coaching" mode. Coaches are directly linked to the chat and can give help behind the scenes as needed during the session. Functionality like this makes for a positive seamless chat transaction for the website visitor.

Integrated spell checker, Page Push and more…

Our chatdesk includes integrated spell checker to ensure that every word sent to visitor is of correct spelling. Our chatdesk also comes with an innovative Page Push, where we can push the visitor browser directly to the webpage or files. For example, we can push the order page directly to visitor. Visitor’s browser will automatically open the order page without visitor doing anything. A great feature to get visitor to order right away.


Our customer service support does not just start when visitor clicks on the live chat icon. It started the moment a new visitor hits your site. Through our chatdesk, we are able to see exactly how long they've been on the site, what pages they've viewed for the current session, as well as what page they are currently viewing. We can even co-browse the session and "peek" into a visitor's shopping cart or session.

ProActive Chat Invites

Full Customization. Our chatdesk provides three types of Pro-Active invites. (1) Operators can create custom invite text messages in real-time as they see visitors that they wish to "engage" i.e., "Hi Mike, I see you are on the site, click to hear about our specials". (2) Image-under invites that bypass popup blockers as well as (3) A "forced" chat option, which automatically forces a visitor into chat by opening the chat dialog.

On-the-Fly Language Translation with support for over 50 languages

Our chatdesk comes with new On-the-Fly language translation "Powered by Google" (SmartChat). This enables our operators the ability to chat with visitors from around the world. Our chatdesk automatically detects the visitors language and sets the operator console to the proper language.
Visitors from around the world can chat with us in their native language.
Supported conversions include: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and more…over 50 languages.

Comprehensive smart database

Our chatdesk stores all visitors’ chat transcripts on our system. So when a visitor returns, we are able to view previous chats without having visitor repeating everything all over again. This way, even if a new operator accepts the chat, he/she will be able to know the chat history well and provide ‘no-delay’ support right away.